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Keeper Head
Keeper Head.png
When this deals damage to a player, they lose 2 pennies.
Type Basic
Hit points 2
To hit 4+
Damage 1
Reward Roll: Gain x ¢

Keeper Head is a basic monster card.


Fighting him is a risk-reward basis, since you have to roll a 4, but can get a good amount of money for it. Keeper Head is best fought when you're low on coins. Additionally, the reward for beating him is best abused by Judas, The Forgotten, and Isaac, who all can both manipulate dice rolls to get better results, although riskiest with Isaac.

The Keeper Head can potentially give a huge amount of coins if it's reward is doubled by Poker Chip.

Additional notes[]

If you are fighting the Keeper head and miss an attack roll, you may prevent the 1 damage using a Soul Heart, Yum heart, etc. In doing so, you also prevent the 2 coin loss.