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Play an additional loot card this turn.
This can be done on any player's turn in response to any action.
Hit points 2
Damage 1
Starting item Lazarus' Rags

Lazarus is a playable character in The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls.


Dying as Lazarus might not be worst idea, since you can replace a bad item with a chance to get a better one. This makes Lazarus an incredibly powerful character, as the penalty for his deaths are incredibly small in most situations. This means he can quickly snowball off of even just trinkets, as he can die and trade a trinket for a treasure. It's usually in Lazarus's best interest to attack something every turn, as either he gets the reward for killing the monster or he just has to replace one of his items with another one. Dying on your 1st turn is especially a good idea, as you get a free additional item.

The kinds of trinkets you might want to build up while playing as Lazarus are trinkiets like the Bloody penny, letting you gain additional value off of death.

Additional notes[]

  • Lazarus was unlocked in the "I AM ERROR?" stretch goal in the Kickstarter Campaign.

    The list of challenges for I AM ERROR