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The loot deck is one of the three decks in The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls.

It contains coins, trinkets, basic loot, tarot cards, and special loot.

Coins can be played to gain ¢ by playing the card.

Trinkets can be played to gain the card as a passive Item.

Basic loot, tarot cards and special loot can be played to activate the effect written on the card.


Your Loot cards must be hidden from other players, unless a certain Treasure Card says otherwise. Whenever a card says "Loot #', it's always referring to drawing Loot Cards

List of cards[]

Name Card Copies Type Edition Notes
A Penny! A Penny!.png 6 Coin Base Earn 1 cent
2 Cents! 2 Cents!.png 12 Coin Base Earn 2 cents
3 Cents! 3 Cents!.png 15 Coin Base Earn 3 cents
4 Cents! 4 Cents!.png 9 Coin Base Earn 4 cents
A Nickel! A Nickel!.png 5 Coin Base Earn 5 cents
A Dime!! Dime.png 1 Special Base WOW... Earn 10 cents
Butter Bean! Butter Bean.png 3 Basic Base
Pills! (Red) Pills! (Red).png 1 Special (Pill) Base
Pills! (Blue) Pills! (Blue1).png 1 Special (Pill) Base
Pills! (Yellow) Pills! (Yellow).png 1 Special (Pill) Base
Bomb! Bomb.png 4 Basic Base
Gold Bomb!! Gold Bomb!!.png 1 Special Base
Lil Battery Lil Battery.png 4 Basic Base
Mega Battery Mega Battery.png 1 Special Base
Dice Shard Dice Shard.png 3 Basic Base
Soul Heart Soul Heart.png 2 Basic Base
Blank Rune Blank Rune.png 1 Special (Rune) Base
Dagaz Dagaz.png 1 Special (Rune) Base
Ehwaz Ehwaz.png 1 Special (Rune) Base Unlocked via dealing 700,000 damage to Delirium during the original Kickstarter.
Bloody Penny Bloody Penny.png 1 Trinket Base
Swallowed Penny Swallowed Penny.png 1 Trinket Base
Counterfeit Penny Counterfiet Penny.png 1 Trinket Base
Cain's Eye Cains Eye.png 1 Trinket Base
Broken Ankh Broken Ankh.png 1 Trinket Base
Curved Horn Curved Horn.png 1 Trinket Base
Purple Heart Purple Heart.png 1 Trinket Base
Golden Horseshoe Golden Horse Shoe.png 1 Trinket Base
Guppy's Hairball Guppy's Hairball.png 1 Trinket Base Counts towards Soul of Guppy.
Lost Soul Lost Soul.png 1 Soul Base
0. The Fool 0. The Fool.png 1 Tarot Base
I. The Magician I. The Magician.png 1 Tarot Base
II. The High Priestess II. The High Priestess.png 1 Tarot Base
III. The Empress III. The Empress.png 1 Tarot Base
IV. The Emperor IV. The Emperor.png 1 Tarot Base
V. The Hierophant V. The Hierophant.png 1 Tarot Base
VI. The Lovers VI. The Lovers.png 1 Tarot Base
VII. The Chariot VII. The Chariot.png 1 Tarot Base
VIII. Justice VIII. Justice.png 1 Tarot Base
IX. The Hermit IX. The Hermit.png 1 Tarot Base
X. Wheel of Fortune X. Wheel of Fortune.png 1 Tarot Base
XI. Strength XI. Strength.png 1 Tarot Base
XII. The Hanged Man XII. The Hanged Man.png 1 Tarot Base
XIII. Death XIII. Death.png 1 Tarot Base
XIV. Temperance XVI. Temperance.png 1 Tarot Base
XV. The Devil XV. The Devil.png 1 Tarot Base
XVI. The Tower XIV. The Tower.png 1 Tarot Base
XVII. The Stars XVII. The Stars.png 1 Tarot Base
XVIII. The Moon XVIII. The Moon.png 1 Tarot Base
XIX. The Sun XIX. The Sun.png 1 Tarot Base
XX. Judgement XX. Judgement.png 1 Tarot Base
XXI. The World XXI. The World.png 1 Tarot Base
A Penny! A Penny!.png 2 Coin K
2 Cents! 2 Cents!.png 2 Coin K
3 Cents! 3 Cents!.png 2 Coin K
4 Cents! 4 Cents!.png 2 Coin K
Charged Penny Charged Penny.png 1 Special K
Bomb! Bomb.png 1 Basic K
Joker Joker.png 1 Special K
Holy Card 012PrayrCard(4).png 1 Special K
Two of Diamonds Two of Diamonds.png 1 Special K
Soul Heart Soul Heart.png 1 Basic K
A Sack Sack.png 1 Special K
Credit Card Credit Card.png 1 Special K
Jera Jera.png 1 Special (Rune) K
Pills! (Purple) Pills! (Purple).png 1 Special (Pill) K
Pink Eye Pink Eye.png 1 Trinket K
Cancer Cancer.png 1 Trinket K
A Penny! A Penny!.png 3 Coin +
2 Cents! 2 Cents!.png 3 Coin +
3 Cents! 3 Cents!.png 4 Coin +
4 Cents! 4 Cents!.png 2 Coin +
A Nickel! A Nickel!.png 1 Coin +
Bomb! Bomb.png 1 Basic +
Lil Battery Lil Battery.png 1 Basic +
Dice Shard Dice Shard.png 1 Basic +
Butter Bean! Butter Bean.png 1 Basic +
Perthro Perthro.png 1 Special (Rune) +
Ansuz Ansuz.png 1 Special (Rune) +
Black Rune Black Rune.png 1 Special (Rune) +
Tape Worm Tape Worm.png 1 Trinket +
AAA Battery AAA Battery.png 1 Trinket +
Poker Chip Poker Chip.png 1 Trinket +
The Left Hand Left Hand.png 1 Trinket +
Pills! (Black) Pill Black.png 1 Special (Pill) +
Pills! (Spots) Pill Spots.png 1 Special (Pill) +
Pills! (White) Pill White.png 1 Special (Pill) +
? Card Question Card.png 1 Special +
Get Out of Jail Card Get Out of Jail Card.png 1 Special +
Gold Key Gold Key.png 1 Special +
Rainbow Tapeworm Rainbow Tapeworm.png 1 Trinket TW

Additional notes[]

  • The Lost Soul, Mega Battery, and purple and blacks variants of Pills! are original to the card game
  • McMillen's website shows that the base game has 11 "2 Cents!" cards (numbering them from #1 to #12 and skipping #11) and that the Kickstarter Expansion Pack has three of them. But the base game actually has 12 of them while the pack has only 2 with the Kickstarter branding, the expansion pack being 68 cards instead of the incorrect 69 written on the site.
  • Two tarot cards, Temperance and The Tower are misprinted - in the Major Arcana Temperance is the 14th card and The Tower is the 16th. In the game the numbers are switched on the cards. The table above lists the tarot cards as they appear in the Major Arcana, disregarding the numbers printed on the cards.