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This deals double damage on a roll of 1.

When this dies, expand the number of active monsters by 1.

Type Mega Boss
Hit points 5
To hit 4+
Damage 2
Reward +1 Treasure + 6¢
Souls 2

Mom is a Mega Boss-type monster card. Like all other Mega Bosses she drops 2 souls. She has the ability to deal double damage (4 damage) when you roll a 1, and when she dies the number of active monsters are expanded by 1 (forever).


Mom's effect of doing 4 damage on a 1 is not as scary as it first appears, because if you fail to hit Mom then you would already die because all characters have at most 2 health.

The best character to fight mom is Samson, as he can kill Mom in 3 hits, while all other characters have to hit Mom 5 times. You can also weaken Mom using items like the Bomb