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Monstro's Tooth
Monstro's Tooth.png
At the start of your turn choose a player, destroy one of their items at random.
Type ?

Monstro's Tooth is a passive item, you are forced to do the effect at the start of your turn. To choose at random, you could shuffle your targets item cards, place them face down and choose one. If you have 6 items or less, you could assign a number to each card and roll a D6.


Monstro's Tooth is a blessing and a curse, it's very powerful because it can get other players very weak, destroying one of their items each turn, but at the same time this can target you and force you to destroy one of your items. You could always choose to destroy this if you're feeling unlucky.

Additional Notes[]

  • If you happen to pick an Eternal card to destroy, nothing happens.