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When this dies, deal 3 damage to any player.
Type Basic
Hit points 1
To hit 2+
Damage 4
Reward Gain 6¢ or Draw 2

Mulliboom is a basic monster card.


Mulliboom is a very easy target with a surprisingly high reward. Though keep in mind that you must deal 3 damage to any player, which will kill them in most cases.

You only need a 2 or more to kill Mulliboom, making them an easy monster to deal with. But in the rare case where you do miss, it's almost a guaranteed death because of it's really high damage.

If you're scared of dying, you might want to kill Mulliboom first so that other people cannot kill it and deal the 3 damage to you. Holding onto a Loot Card or Treasure Card which allows you to add to your dice rolls helps a ton, too.

Synthoil allows you to absolutely never miss your attack roll on this monster, unless your dice roll is subtracted from.

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