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The Forgotten
The Forgotten.png
Play an additional loot card this turn.
This can be done on any player's turn in response to any action.
Hit points 2
Damage 1
Starting item The Bone

The Forgotten is a playable character in The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls.

Starting Item[]

The Forgotten's starting item, The Bone, starts with 0 "counters", every time you activate The Bone you get 1 more counter, counters can be anything, like dice, pennies, pieces of paper, anything really. You pay with your counters to use the various ability's of The Bone, as with all Cost Type items, you can use your ability's as much as you like, as long as you can pay the price.


The Forgotten has arguably the best ability in the game because of its sheer versatility. While you may want to get the soul from The Bone as soon as possible, there's no reason to as it can be stolen or destroyed after becoming a soul card. It might be best to save your counters and use your useful abilities, and wait until you have 3 Souls to destroy your bone to get a soul, since players CAN steal your souls, under special circumstances. You should use your early counters on rolls and damage to get rewards and snowball early before turning your starting item into a soul card for the victory.

Additional notes[]

  • The Forgotten was unlocked when the Kickstarter got 2 million dollars, being the last character unlocked in stretch goals, and the entire Kickstarter.
  • There is no maximum to your counters