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The Keeper
The Keeper.png
Play an additional loot card this turn.
This can be done on any player's turn in response to any action.
Hit points 2
Damage 1
Starting item Wooden Nickel

The Keeper is a playable character in The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls.


The Keeper has arguably one of the best starting items in the game; it averages to roughly an extra treasure every 3 turns, and can allow the Keeper to quickly snowball with combat treasures or looting mechanisms. The Keeper can also fairly easily get the Soul of Greed, making that a potential victory goal. As its ability does not affect combat by itself, The Keeper should seek to get combat-enhancing Treasures quickly so it can compete with characters like Samson and Lazarus for monster rewards.

Additional notes[]

  • The Keeper is an exclusive character in the Gold Box tier, which you could only get during the Kickstarter.